Welcome to Books & Reasons! My name is Nidhi Manocha. I am a full-time mother exploring avenues to begin the next innings of life. I love to read and write though I am a slow reader and an even slower writer. Reading for me is a way of life and I pursue it with a diligent heart and mind. I am always at disposal of well-written stories or books discussing unique ideas or those approaching an abstract from a radically different perspective. After years of struggling with finding joy and meaning in the corporate world, I am finally at home in the comfort of books. And I wish to make up for the lost time by sharing my experiences around the infinitely amazing world of literature with other book lovers out there. As you can see, Books & Reasons is in its infancy but I intend to be ambitious, curious, and passionate about carrying on with this journey. This blog for me is a stage where I can shed my introversion & anxiety to revel freely in the joy of expressing a book. Writing a book review enables me to locate and identify with deeply buried intuition around human instincts. The process is pure bliss and I love every bit of the tension that it causes. I don’t believe in writing a book review in an established way but ensure that I narrate it from perspectives that allow or enable my readers to make up their minds about picking up a particular book. I intend to write as objectively as possible and yet do not refrain from sharing my own flawed opinion about it. Books & Reasons respects the separation between the author and his work and maintains it throughout unless necessary for the works marked with symbolism. I prefer to address the review in present (even if the author has long passed away) as it keeps the author-book continuum alive. Though the site is more about book reviews I try to make it about readers too with a little bit of blogging about the big or small events building up the literature scene in the heritage city of Jaipur. I hope you find this platform engaging and useful.  Also, I would love your feedback on it.