Memories are tricky charmers. They manage to find their way out, fighting our forgetful aging brains, simply by clinging on to random, banal stuff all around us. A first-ever bike rotting in the backyard, an old dress that never worn out, the first cast around a broken bone, slice shaped orange candies that are still sold in roadways buses, an old grocery shop run by the same old man with new wrinkles and in case of book lovers, the very first taste of story on their curiosity palette. One can never get tired of the flashbacks of those golden years! To recreate those precious memories, Books and Reasons wanted to draft a simple, short blog post asking bibliophiles and die-hard readers about their very first or fondest memories of reading. And the answers we found could not be more delightful! Here goes the beginning of everything in a book lover’s life!

In the beginning, there was a BOOK FAIR!

Vandana Verma, AGM, Bureau of Investment Promotion, Government of Rajasthan


In the beginning there was a FALL!

Lajpat Rai Chandnani, Former Sr. Mgr at Oriental Insurance, Author Gratitude, Owner-THE NIGHT JAR, JAIPUR



In the beginning, there was a SUPERHERO! 

Prashant Gupta, Entrepreneur, Founder – The Great India Book Tour, TGIBT Press


In the beginning, there was SCIENCE! 

Dr. Sonal Kalia, MS (Opthalmologist), Asst. Professor, SMS Medical College, Jaipur


In the beginning, there was ONE SUMMER VACATION! 

Director (Learning & Design) @ C2X, Banglore, Training Incharge, Aavas Financiers


In the beginning, there were TWO! 

Dr. Amita Kashyap, Jaipur


In the beginning, there was a WINDOW! 

Vimal Kumar Soni, Doctorate Scholar, Deptt. of Computer Science, MNIT, Jaipur

In the beginning, there was a NEWSPAPER CLIP 

Lokendra Rathore, an avid reader, Jaipur


In the beginning, there was a TRAIN! 

Shilpa Mehta, Jaipur



In the beginning, there was an EXHIBITION! 

 Books And Reasons!


We would love to know about your memories! Do tell us about a memory or two! And keep making many more!

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